Why People Say “No” to Relief: 3 Hemp Extract Myths Debunked: Get the True Facts

I wish I’d written this note years ago. 

Why? Because I have a feeling that you’ve been quietly suffering for a long time. And I’d like to help you finally get the relief you deserve. 

If you’re like many of us, you’ve noticed that your physical energy, your stamina, and your strength aren’t what they used to be. 

Add in all the stress you take on every day, and you feel exhausted and overwhelmed from the moment your eyes open in the morning. 

You keep telling yourself that someday, you’ll have the time to get it all back… don’t you?

But right now, you’re feeling pressure from every direction – kids and grandkids, aging parents, spouse, work/business…

And you really need to feel better now so you can have a hope of keeping up with it all. 

You’ve heard that compounds from the hemp plant might just be the solution you’ve been dreaming of… and although you’re been thinking of trying it for yourself, you’re just not sure yet. 

I completely understand. 

Every day, I hear from folks – honest, hard-working folks like you who just want the vitality, mental focus and health to be their best… for themselves and the people they care about. 

They’ve met or heard of people who have enjoyed almost miraculous benefits from hemp extract, so they’re intrigued…

But a few BIG myths have been holding them back from discovering hemp extract for themselves. 

Let’s replace these myths with some eye-opening truths about hemp extract. What you’re about to learn could be the key to real relief for you – even if you’ve been suffering for years.

1. Hemp extract does not cause any sort of “high.” 

Because hemp and cannabis are biologically related species, they are often thought of as the same plant. So there’s a common myth that using compounds from hemp will cause the same psychoactive effects as its more famous relative. 

However, hemp is not the federally illegal plant – it lacks the psychoactive chemicals required to cause any kind of “high” or impairment. 

But although hemp extract doesn’t have mind-altering effects, it is a rich source of hemp derived compounds – compounds that works with the human endocannabinoid system to alleviate common symptoms of aging gently and naturally.

Our endocannabinoid receptors are designed specifically to optimize our bodies’ ability to use hemp extract to alleviate symptoms including chronic pain, fatigue, nausea, and hundreds of others.  

2. Hemp extract is not illegal.

Another myth that keeps plenty of deserving folks from experiencing the benefits of hemp extract is that it’s illegal to purchase or own.  

Unlike the plant that causes psychoactive effects, hemp (and the compounds derived from it) is perfectly legal in every state. The 2018 Farm Act stipulates that as long as the compounds are derived from hemp and do not contain effective amounts of psychoactive chemicals, it’s legal to possess or own. 

Just to clarify, an “effective amount” is considered to be less than 0.3% – far below the amount required to cause any mind-altering effects. 

3. All Hemp is not created equal

Chances are, you’ve seen hemp ads from many different brands. Maybe you’ve seen hemp products displayed in pharmacies or even in convenience stores. But is one option as good as the next? 

Many people believe the myth that all hemp is the same… which couldn’t be further from the truth!

Because hemp extract is relatively new in the U.S. – and thus, not tightly regulated –  quality varies greatly across brands and products. 

Many convenience stores now sell “hemp oil” that, while derived from hemp, does not contain therapeutic concentrations of hemp in a form the human body can use. 

True hemp extract products typically cost more than discount hemp oil products, but produce relief that millions of users find worth the investment. 

Of these products, those labeled “full spectrum” typically produce the most remarkable results. These products employ an entire range of natural hemp compounds to optimize relief via an entourage effect, whereas “broad spectrum” and “isolate” products may offer a lesser degree of relief. 

101hemp.org is an excellent place to find full-spectrum, hemp extract oil for relief you can count on. They insist on exceeding standards for purity, consistency, and effectiveness, because their reputation hinges on helping folks like you just get back to life.

I truly hope that this note has cleared up any confusion that’s been keeping you from claiming the benefits of full-spectrum hemp extract oil for yourself. Please feel to reach out via the 101Hemp.org website if my team and I can answer any questions to help you get the relief you want.

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